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Crew Neck Sweat Shirt

$20.00 in L or XL only

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I had hopes of displaying parts on this page with photos but my lack of technology prevented it.

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03H1359 Carriage Bolts 5/16 x 5/8"
7677 Suspension Shock Bushings-Jennings
05-13840 Brake Cable
05-146-02 SPI Dual Carb Choke Cable
06-704 Spitfire Windshield
06-706 Windshield for 80--84
08H4497 Suspension Bolts
11-211 Kawasaki Recoil Kit
19H2418 Suspension Adjusting Bolts
19H3304 Suspension Tensioner Bolts 4" not 4 1/2"
19H3459 Suspension Bolts
21H1283 Screw
21H1356 Screw
21H1730 Washer Suspension
24H1395 Ski Spindle Washer
24H1862 Washer Suspension
24H1909 Rear Axle Washer
37H51 340S Bumper Bolts
453-213 W/S O-Ring Kit Package
AJ7677 Shock Bushing 76-77 Suspension
AM32318 E-Start Lead
AM33621 Circuit Breaker E-Start 70's
AM36483 Injection Oil Filter
AM52053 Ign Switch See NAPA 7-01854D
AM52054 Handlebar Heater/Light Switch
AM52295 Foot Tread
AM52296 Foot Pad also serves as AM54081
AM52297 Foot Pad
AM52305 Aftermarket Taillight Assembly
AM52311 Dimmer Switch 76-79 no brake switch
AM52312 Kill Switch 76-78
AM52313 Early 2 Stud Wear Bar Set of two
AM52343 80 MPH Speedo 76-78
AM52346 Tachometer
AM52449 Speedometer Bracket Kit
AM52454 Starter Motor 00's and X's
AM52952 Rear Idler
AM53191 Ski Shock
AM53863 Speedometer 100mph
AM53889 Headlight Bulb Retainer
AM53952 Single Feed Fuel Pump
AM54096  Thermostat
AM54105 Radiator Support-Dator w/tabs
AM54105No Radiator Support-Dator w/o tabs
AM54211 Dator Throttle Grips
AM54231 Ski Shocks
AM54253 Early 3 Stud Wear Bar Set of two
AM54261 Fuel Pump Single Carb Round Mikuni
AM54384 Chain Tensioner
AM54582 Throttleblock Spitfire Early
AM54601 78 Suspension Shock
AM54653 Speedo Cable Spitfire
AM54656 Spitfire Speedo Kit
AM54668 Hose Clamp for Airbox with Notch
AM54688 Notched Clamps for Airbox
AM54727  Brake Caliper 80-84 Fire Series
AM54745 Aftermarket Suspension Shock
AM54748 See WPS 54-41681
AM54782 Kill Switch 80-82 maybe 83-84
AM54784 Dimmer Switch 80-84 Fire Series
AM54784Rep Dimmer Switch 80-84
AM54790 Brake/Rev Limiter Switch
AM54790 Kimpex Brake Light Switch
AM54790 Stop Light/Rev Limiter Switch
AM54791 Spring Helper
AM54792 Spark Arrester for Sportfire Airbox
AM54858 Trailer Hitch
AM54858Chr Chrome Trailer Hitch Standard
AM54884 Choke Cable 80-84 LF
AM54902 Throttle Cable Spit w/butterfly
AM54913 Wear Bar 2 Stud Fire SeriesakaAM55179
AM54916 Speedo Kit for Trailfire w/M68165 Cons
AM54926 Spindle Support Spitfire <120K
AM54972 E-Start Rectifier
AM54984 Sec. Clutch Buttons 80-81LF80-84SF
AM55052 Medallion
AM55069 Parts Unlimited 80-84 LF ThrttleCable
AM55086 Fan Bearing Sportfire
AM55089 Engine Shroud Sportfire 440
AM55099 80-84 Speedo
AM55127 Helix
AM55130 Chrome Ski Shocks
AM55141 Out of stock
AM55144 Parts Unlimited Susp. Shock
AM55176 Limiter Switch
AM55181 Tunnel Protector
AM55195 Clutch Arm Set 
AM55207Chr Chrome Heavy Duty Hitch
AM55231 Hitch Pin and Cable Kit
AM55257 Wire Harness TF155-285/SFLF155-222K
AM55277 Ski Shock
AM55405 Aftermarket Throttle Cable Assy
AM55438 Tool Kit
AM55442 Clutch Guard Extension TR-800
AM55448 Wear Bars
AM55545 Rectangular Headlight
AM55588 Gasket Set 80-84 LF
AM55598 Wear Bars
AM55679 Throttle block w/kill Springfire <285K
AM55680 Throttle Cable Snow/Sprintfire
AM55694 Kill Switch 80-84
AT23189 Bearing / Alternator etc / Fits lots JD
AutoZonB71223 Coolant Hose 80-84 Liquifire??
BBBaseball cap Baseball Cap
BBBeanie Fits all
BBCrew X or XL
BBHoodie XL
BBHoodie XXL
BBM67995 Fire Series Brake Block
BBM68613 80-84 Liquifire Throttle Block
BBTee X or XL
BM21167 Electric Start Kit
Brad M66632 Dator Exhaust Bracket
Brad M66690 Dator Exhaust Bracket
Brad M66866 Dator Fuel Pump Bracket
BradAM54172 Dator Chaincase Shielf
Brock Certified Decals
Brock Estart Wire Harness Fire Series Kawi
BWD S689 Switch Boot from O'Reilly
DK04-242 76-77 Susp Shock w/Jennings bushings
DK10-644 Shock Bushing 76-77 Suspension
DK10-645 Shock Bushing 76-77 Suspension
Evergreen TempGauge Range Style
Evergreen Temp Gauge Number Style
Excaliber 80-84 3 Stud 4" Carbide Wear Bars
FASskipinkit Frt and Rear Ski pin w/cotter key
FS1 Ski Bolt Kit w/bushing 76-78 7/16
FS2 Ski Bolt Kit w/bushing 80-84 3/8 
FS7678 Ski Bolt Kit w/bushing 76-78  3/8
Goose Indak Boots
Goose Indak Kill Switch Reproduced
Heins295/S Snowflap
Heins340/S Snowflap
INDAK Kill Switch 2 wire
INDAK Indak Keys not marked John Deere
JD8554 Locking Collar
JD8562 Bearing
JD8665 Bearing 
JD9335 Bearing
John Deere Tool Kit
Keily Seat Board 
Kimpex04-242 76-77 Susp Shock w/Jennings bushings
Kimpex04-504 Suspension Shock TF/SF
KL500 Klotz Chaincase Lube
KX02105 Exhaust Springs
KX04237 SPI Ski Shocks See WPS
LP01078 AM54004/Am54238 Coil
M149638 Fuel Tank Grommett
M41425 Headlight Retainer Spring
M48105 Replaces M66254 Ski Bushing 3/8
M48858 Muffler Spring 76-78
M53409 Handlebar Pad Nut
M62594 Wing Nut 340/S Clutch Guard
M63161 Fire Series Console Bumper
M63177 Windshield Nut 76-78
M63232 Rr Ski Pin also see FASskipinkit
M63279  Frt Ski Pin also see FASSkipinkit
M63296 Switch Knurled Nut
M63297 Switch Boot See BWDS689 O'Reilly
M63301 John Deere Key
M63450  Screw
M63451 CrankSeal also # M66694 & M66826
M63594 Wing Nut 340/S Clutch Guard
M63705 Amber Reflector
M63775 Nylon Taillight Nut
M63807 Kill/Dimmer Switch Cap
M63816 Taillight Lens
M63900 Yellow bumper tape 76-78
M64141 Speedometer Bushing
M64142 Speedo Key
M64238 Crossshaft 340/S-Liquidator Others
M64242Shear Delrin Suspension Bushings
M64407 Washer
M64480W42" White Hyfax 42" Long
M64480W47" White Hyfax 47" Long
M64481 Lower Arm Shaft X-295S-7677CycLF
M64483 Rear Axle Shaft X's-295-340-Dator
M64553 Suspension Bolts
M64837 Idler Wheel/Plastic Drive Shaft Center
M65413 Ex Gasket CCW inc. 295/S and 340/S
M65413 Exhaust Gasket Kiortz
M65658 Reed valve
M65693 39 Tooth Bottom Gear 340/S
M65742 Rear Lower A ArmShaft 340S/Dator
M65761 FrtIdlerShaft 340/S-Dator UpShkshaft
M66074 Spacer 340/S
M66102 Instrument Panel 76-78 Cyc/LF
M66111 Starter Handle
M66117 Choke Cable Nut
M66121 21 Tooth Top Gear
M66125  Flange/Jackshaft Bearing
M66128 SeeWPS 12-5310
M66155 Exhaust Springs
M66183 Clutch Guard Handle
M66191 Chaincase Tensioner Pin Dator/LF/Cyc
M66193 Tensioner
M66208 Air Box Hose 7678LFCyc/Spit/SnowSpr
M66216 Tensioner Spring
M66218 Snowflap no yellow
M66245 Spindle Bushings Reproductions
M66263 Windshield Screw 76-78
M66264 Washer for Windshield Screw
M66314 Bumper bolt
M66321 68 Pitch Chain
M66338  Airbox Seal Trailfire
M66350 Chaincase Bolts
M66378 Blue Secondary Springs
M66385 Engine Mount
M66417 340 Hood Decal
M66519 Shim Set for Seconary
M66526 Dator Air Boot
M66564 Thermostat Gasket
M66573 Cometic Ex Gasket for Dator
M66634 Snowflap and Hood clips
M66774 Hood Prop Rod Cyclone/LF 76-78
M66797 Chaincase Plug and Gasket
M66843 Idle Screw
M66989 15" Cleats "V" Notch 10 rivet holes
M67072 Limiter Strap
M67145 Rivet
M67157 Crossshaft Aluminum
M67159 LF Spring 80,000 up Cyc/LF
M67646 Fuel Fitting
M67659 Airbox Boot Spit/Snow/Sprintfire
M67661 Exhaust Insulator
M67668 Pushnut
M67684 Reproduction Rear Bumpers 78
M67685 Handgrips
M67685Rep Handlebar Grip
M67720 Suspension Slide 78 Models
M67747 Frt A Arm Crossshaft Tube
M67762 Fan Belt
M67790 Crossshaft steel
M67838 Disc Brake Spring
M67854 Bushing
M67856 Upper Idler Axle-Small Idler Wheel axle
M67875 Shock Absorber Shouldered Bolt
M67890 Ski Spindle Bushing 7/16 BoltSeeFS-2
M67905 Handlebar Heater Decal
M67934 10 Cog-TF<155K / SF<190K
M67969 Drive Wheel Bolt on Style
M67975 Hose Upper T/stat to Radiator 80-84 LF
M67977 Upper Radiator Hose Fire Series LF
M67981 Bushing - Suspension
M67991 Chromed Handlebar Fire Series
M67992 Steering Clamp Chromed
M67995 Brake Block
M68099 Recoil Spring / Fire Series
M68102 Head Gasket 80-84 LF pair
M68106 Exhaust Gaskets LF
M68117 O-ring Center Crank Kawi SF and LF
M68126  O-Ring Liquifire PTO side
M68127 80-84LF Oil pump shim
M68130 O-Ring for Oil Pump LF
M68134 Thermostat Housing 80-84 LF
M68151 Engine mounting bolts
M68152 Oil Pump Key / LF
M68153 Engine Stud
M68155 Engine Stud
M68163 Recoil Washer
M68165 Console
M68244  Front Spring Bearings-Pair
M68249 Throttleblock Fire Series
M68261 Tube or Spacer-Fire Series
M68313 Snowflap Support
M68314 Decal/Clutch Guard
M68339 Hood Cable 80-84
M68343 Hood Insulator Only One Side
M68367 Fuel Cap w/o Guage
M68384 Right Side TPR 80-84 Liquifire
M68402 Bushing
M68446 Fin Deflector Spit/Snowfire
M68469 Bumper bolt
M68484 Decal
M68489 Bumper Bolt Trail-Sportfire
M68504 Bumper End Cap 84-84
M68505 Bumper End Cap 84-84
M68527 Spit/Snow/Sprint rear tunnel decal
M68542 Idler Arm Cross Shaft
M68543 Aluminum Cross Shaft
M68562 Suspension Bushings
M68581 Cylinder Head Spitfire/Snowfire
M68582 Hood Grille Fire Series Top Grille
M68592 Copper Head Gasket
M68596 Gasket
M68613 Reproduction Throttle Blocks 80-84 LF
M68614 Oil Injector Line
M68625 HeadGasket
M68646 Exhaust Springs
M68660 Bumper Tape
M68678 Bumper Bolt
M68688 Hood Hold Down Hook Rechromed
M68700 Hood Strap 80's Fire Series See Used
M68715 Drive Belt
M68720 Red Steering Carriage Bolts
M68759 Nuts for Vents
M68833 Engine Shroud Deflector
M68927 Belly pan plugs
M68942 Hex Drive Shaft/takes press on wheels
M68943 Drive Wheel/Press on styl
M68945 Oil Injection Tank
M68984 Frt Small Idler axle-Fire Series
M69094 Spacer
M69100 RR Spring Snowfire/Sprintfire
M69101 LR Sping Snowfire/Sprintfire
M69103 LF Spring Snowfire/Sprintfire
M69166 Handlebar Wire Clamps Chromed
M69177 LF/SP/Snow Sprint Oil Check Decal
M69178 Headlight Grill
M69235 Belt Holder
M69271 Decal
M69493 Snow/Sprint Replace Oil Filter decal
M69617? Decal "Liquifire" and Leaping Deere
M69650 Snowfire Dash Decal
M8 M8 Acorn Head Nuts/Liquifire
M80293 Flangette
M80293W Flange with welded nuts - New
M81210 Harness J Clamp
M82241 Belly Pan Plug Plastic
McMasCarr Cleat Bolts w/nuts
N10010 Harness J Clamp
N110223 Shim Kit for Chaincase Gears
N132422 Steering Bushing
NAPA Fuel Filter 1/4"
NAPA Fuel Shut Off
NAPA 784630 Handlebar Heater Grommets 
NAPA TG6570 Toggle Switch Boot
NAPA7-01854D 5 pole Ignition Switch w/JD type Keys
NB621009 NewBreed Starter Handle Black
NB711048 Winderosa Set for Trailfire 440
NB9689 SPI Pistons for 440 Kawi
NBA53889 Headlight Bulb Retainer
NBAM52886 Voltage Regulator
NBAM54051 Fuel Pickup
NBGS1048B Winderosa Set for Sportfire 440
NBGS1049 76-78 LF Gasket Set
NBGS1051 76-78 LF Gasket Set
NBKX0513817  Single Carb Throttle Cable w/o Oil Inj.
NBKX05234 Brake Puck Set 76-78
NBLP01078 Coils Cyc/LF/Dator up to 80,000
NBM63052 Ski Insulators
NBM63228 Cork Gaskets for Chaincase
NBM64482 Suspension Slip Bearings
NBOS1301 M66694 Crank Seal
NBOS1302R M66555 Crank Seal
NBOS1317R M68601 Crank Seal
NBOS1411R M68074 Crank Seal
NBOS1453 M68114 Crank Seal
NBWanie Ski Brackets
NGK 36" Plug Wire
NGK 72" Plug Wire
NGK Spark Plug Ends
NPN 13 3/4" Cleats no "V" Notch 10 rivet holes
NPN Plastic Rear Idler 7 1/8" w 3/4" Hole
NPN Unmarked TF/SF Suspension Shock
PartsConnection 2 1/2" X 10" Cap Guage Snow/Sprint
PartsConnection 2.25" X 11.5" Fuel Cap/Gauge
PartsConnection 2.5 x 11 3/4 For 83-84 LF/SF/TF
Premier CkOil Check Oil Decal
PremierCaut Caution/Attention Decal
PremierCDI CDI Electro Mag Power
PremierFirebur Fireburst glove box decal
PremierJDRear "John Deere" for back of Spitfire
PremierVIN340S VIN Decals
PremierVIN78 VIN Decals
PremierVINFire VIN Decals
R36590 Plug
RapidRaceCar Reproduction Rear Bumper
ShearerFox1 Fox shock bushing kit for Dator Heavy
SPI 07-105-01 Carb Flange for 36mm
SPIAM54633 Piston 440 LF Left Side
STEN Ignition Switch for E-Start
Sudco002-100 Float Bowl Gasket
Sudco002-102 Float Bowl Gasket
Sudco002221 Dual Feed Fuel Pump flush mount
SudcoVM32-454 Carb Flange aka 990-842-007
SudcoVM38-200 Carb Flange 
U17502 O ring 00 and X models
U42111 Chaincase "O" Ring
USTrlr  Red Reflector 201402 
USTrlr  Amber Reflector 201403
Woodys Backing Plates
WPS Ski Kit SLP Skis/loops/Carbide Kit
WPS12-1070 Halogen Headlight Bulb Fire Series
WPS12-1122 Fuel Pump Repair Kit Rectanglar
WPS12-1124 Fuel Pump Repair Kit Round
WPS12-11355 Carb Repair kit 30-34
WPS12-11356 Carb Kit 36-38
WPS12-1302R Crank Seal
WPS12-1370 Mag Side Seal Kohler Spitfire
WPS12-1384 Crank Seal
WPS12-1834 Oil Seal OS1411 Match
WPS12-18900 Grab Handles SPI
WPS12-19171 Throttle Cable 80+ LF
WPS12-2199 Universal Brake Cable
WPS12-3363 Clutch Buttons
WPS12-3363 Clutch Buttons
WPS12-4039 Kohler Spitfire Gasket Set
WPS12-4044 Engine Gasket/Seal Set 76-79 440 LF
WPS12-40441 Gasket Set 76-78 340
WPS12-4158 Trailfire Kawi Gasket Set
WPS12-4160 Spit/Snow Gasket Seet
WPS12-4185 80-84 LF Full Gasket Set
WPS12-5310 Chaincase Seal-Polaris
WPS12-7311 In Tank Filter Like AM54051
WPS12-7312 In Tank Filter Polaris Style
WPS12-7315 Brass Fuel Filter
WPS14-1036 VM38-200 Carb Adaptor
WPS14-2220 Rectangular Fuel Pump single flow
WPS14-2223 Dual Feed Fuel Pump
WPS15-6848 SLP 4" Carbide Runners for Plas.Ski
WPS15-6859 SLP 6" Carbide
WPS15-6990 SLP Ski loop
WPS40-03401 Brake Pucks 76-78
WPS40-3110 Choke Cable Universal
WPS40-3200 Dual Choke Cable Straight Ends
WPS40-3201 Dual Chock Cable with 90 degree ends
WPS44-10019 Engine Coil
WPS44-11953 Black Hyfax
WPS44-4944 64 Pitch Chain
WPS44-4946 66 Pitch Chain
WPS44-4948 68 Pitch Chain
WPS54-0415 Taillight Lens
WPS54-1154 Suspension Shock 78 Cyclone/LF
WPS541-5001 Idler Wheel/Plastic Drive Shaft Center
WPS541-5052 Upper Idler Wheel
WPS541-5054 Small Idler wheel Liquifire
WPS54-2314 Spit/Snow/Sprint Suspension Shock
WPS54-2315 Ski Shock Fire Series
WPS54-41681 AKA AM54748 Rear Idler wheel
WPS54689PS Piston 440 Kawi Trailfire/Sportfire
WPS59-8891 Handlebar hand grips